The school ventured in this with an aim of helping students learns how to run projects which are self sufficient and which require little expertise to run. The school established the following projects; vegetable gardens, banana plantation,    pineapple plantation, poultry keeping and dairy livestock keeping as demonstration projects to students such that in future they can also venture in the same.

Vegetable gardening

One of the activities which students are involved in is vegetable growing as an income generating activity. They are enjoying a lot as their diet started to be balanced as the school bought all cabbages for them


Banana plantation

The school has a modern plantation which is wed, pruned and mulched with banana leaves and unwanted suckers. The harvests have also increased. And with this, the school is assured of increased income.


Pineapple plantation:

There are enough pine apples which can help the school increase income and at the same time the school can buy food for students in order to improve their health.



Dairy cattle keeping:

The school has two dairy cows and both of them are showing signs of calving probably in September this year. And these cows are not under nourished.



Toni Schimpp shop

This shop is functioning and helpful to Baramba girls’ Secondary School students and staff, sometimes even neighbors get services from this shop but, its working capital still very low. The late Mr. Toni Schimpp (the former MAG Chairperson) in his will instructed the care takers of his heritage to provide Baramba Girls’ Sec School with part of his heritage for the development of Baramba School. In order to honour his name, a school shop whose initial capital was part of that money was put up and named after him. This shop is one of the active projects of Baramba Girls’ Sec School.