On 2nd February the Baramba community was gathered in the assembly hall for a short event convened by the school manager Fr. Isaias Bambara. The intention of this special gathering was to motivate teachers who […]

  • Form IV 2019 final exams

    Form IV 2019 final exams

    Form four candidates are expecting to start their final examination on 4th November 2019. All students are physically and mentally fit to overcome the coming examinations. The registered subjects to be done are:- English language […]

  • Form IV Graduation 2019

    Form IV Graduation 2019

    Form Four 2019 Graduation was held on  27.09.2019 Form IV Graduation 2019 Photo link

  • Inauguration of Modern Science Laboratory

    Inauguration of Modern Science Laboratory

    This was done by the District commissioner LT.COL.MICHAEL MNTENJELE on 6TH August 2019. The donor of the facility was the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).The total cost of the facility amounted to […]

  • MAT 20th anniversary

    MAT 20th anniversary

    MAT anniversary was celebrated on 17th August 2018 in commemoration of the birth of the organization of Marafiki Wa Afrika Tanzania and the achievements made during 20 years ago. The anniversary was attended by many […]

  • Form IV Graduation 2018

    Form IV Graduation 2018

    The 2018 form four graduation was held on October 2018