Baramba Girls’ Secondary School is owned by the organization of Marafiki Wa Afrika Tanzania(MAT). It is located in Ngara District; Kagera region. This School was established in 1999.


The concept to establish the school dates back in September, 1997 which involved a counter-signing of a memorandum of understanding between Ngara district authority and Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania. The school was officially opened in March 1999. It started with 50 students who joined Form one and were recruited from various places of Kagera region and taught by six teachers. The name Baramba was opted for in memory and honor of the late chief of Ngara chiefdom. The name “Baramba” connotes the “Long living.” The reason for honoring Baramba was that He is remembered as the chief in Ngara district who had much interest in enhancing education. History has it that He died in 1965 on his way back from Dar es Salaam where he had gone on a mission of lobbying for the establishment of the first secondary school in Ngara district.


The major objective of the School is focused on the advancement and empowerment of girls through secondary school education and skills acquisition. It is believed that if girls access and are exposed to secondary education, their minds are opened up and hence become aware of their position in the society. They are made aware about some developmental challenges in the same manner as that of young boys. An access to secondary education as a foundation paves the way for further and higher studies from which future leaders of the society and nation largely emanate. Giving education to girls, gives them an opportunity to the same activities that would otherwise be meant for men alone. Understanding this, the school shall be transformed to offer industrial/technological skills. The hypothesis that only men have the capacity and ability to perform developmental undertakings than women is definitely negated.


-Good governance


-Team work


SCHOOL VISION: To be a fountain of quality Education.

SCHOOL MISSION: The School strives to achieve  academic excellence and maintain discipline for future national responsible citizens.

.SCHOOL MOTTO: Education,Discipline, and unity should always be number one.

Services offered at BGSS

The school is exclusively a boarding Girls’ School with a capacity of 320 students and with 13 teachers for effective academic performance. So far the student teacher ratio meets the required standards. The school offers physical sciences, Social sciences, Business studies, Info &Computer studies (I.C.S) and language disciplines. The physical sciences include Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Mathematics,the Social science subjects include History and Geography; the business section covers Commerce and book keeping; ICT teaches computer while the language subjects are English, Kiswahili and French. The goal of the physical science department is to produce students with sufficient skills and knowledge to match the pace of global evolvement with science and technology. The social science department focuses on broadening students’ understanding of their environments to be able to deal with challenges of the 21st century and beyond. The business subjects are meant to impart students with entrepreneurial skills. Learning about computer helps the students to be updated with current technologies and be able to access various sources of information. The language subjects are essential for students to acquire competencies required for their expression in various life situations by being able to listen, speak, read and write eloquently.