About Us

Baramba is a private girl’s secondary school located at K9 in Ngara District, Kagera Region, 20 kilometers from the District headquarters along the main road from Benako. The school is owned by Marafiki wa Afrika Tanzania (MAT) with Reg. No. S.1002 which has a magnificent campus and buildings on the quiet K9 hill that is conducive for student’s learning. The school is fenced off hence providing safety for the learners. It is non-religious oriented accepting students of all denominations freely and unconditionally.

Administration of the school is based on the education standing orders, education regulations, policies and other laws of the Tanzanian government. As an education institution, the school possesses a legal mandate to perform several developmental activities related to education which offers room for its growth and expansion.

Services offered at Baramba

The school is exclusively for boarding girls’ with a capacity of 320 students and a required student teacher ratio for effective academic achievement. Currently, the school offers a variety of secondary school subjects in science, language, arts and social disciplines, which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Geography, Civics, Kiswahili, English, French and Literature in English. Other skills provided in the school is computer studies, tailoring, making of liquid and bar soap, beauty and cosmetics and hairdressing.  The school has a physical and an e-library equipped with textbooks and laptops connected with internet for reference by learners and teachers.

With modern dormitories that can accommodate more than 400 students, there is availability of adequate clean water for use from borehole and rain water sources, and electricity power backup by a modern generator. The school has an infirmary and a school nurse who attends students whenever they are unwell. Students get adequate meals that are balance for better health and development.

Strategic objectives of Baramba

  1. To minimize obstacles which impede girls access to education such as walking long distances to and from school, early marriage/pregnancy and employment of young girls.
  2. To enable poor families send their girls to boarding schools.
  3. To enhance gender balance issue through education.
  4. To establish various social enterprise projects such as water and health that serves the school community and neighboring village.
  5. Improvement of the quality of life and social well-being of girls now and in future.


Current Projects at Baramba School

  1. Mobilizing funds for supporting orphans/ needy students.
  2. Improving infrastructure in order to create a better learning environment.
  3. Entrepreneurship skills like tailoring and soap making to enable students to generate their own income while at home after completion of their secondary education.
  4. Farming and gardening
  5. Promotion of East African Community protocols.

”Everyday at the BGSS is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around”.

Fr. Bambara — School Manager
Baramba girls secondary School at a Glance

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Baramba is a fountain of quality education and students’ excellence


We strive to utilize available resources to achieve academic excellence and discipline by moulding successful future citizens.

Our core values
  • Time Management: Control of time set on specific activities by increasing effectiveness, efficiency and production.
  • Commitment: Everyone at BGSS should be dedicated to the cause or activity they are charged with and do it with faithfulness.
  • Responsibility: Is regarded as having a sense of duty when dealing with something or having control over someone.
  • Competence: Leadership and staff of BGSS should perform their work efficiently and effectively.
  • Hospitality: The team at BGSS is expected to be friendly and generous in reception and entertainment of guests, visitor or strangers.
  • Respect: Everyone should recognize his/her position in relation to those above and below him/her.
  • Intergrity: Be a good role model in morality and honesty.
  • Team Spirit: Workers at BGSS should see themselves as a team recognizing that members need each other for accomplishing tasks in the organization. The role of each whatever the size (big or small) is important in the organization.